Simon Fraser University

Energy and Material Research Group (EMRG)

The Energy and Materials Research Group, directed by Dr. Mark Jaccard, analyzes technologies, strategies, behaviour and policies that lead to a more sustainable flow of energy and materials in socio-economic systems. Two key components are: (1) the design, parameter estimation and application of sustainable policy simulation models that are technologically explicit and behaviourally realistic; and (2) data collection and dissemination on energy and materials characteristics (including emissions) of equipment, buildings, industrial complexes and urban systems.

The modeling research is focused on the CIMS technology choice simulation model, but also utilizes a macro-economic computable general equilibrium model and an urban system model. Most of the research is focused on climate policy. The data related activities are under the umbrella of the Canadian Industry Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre, under the direction of Dr. John Nyboer.