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The Fisheries Science and Management Research Group is part of the graduate program in the School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM) at Simon Fraser University (SFU), located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Our overall objective is to improve the understanding and management of fish populations through research on marine and freshwater systems, including not only fishes, but also marine mammals, invertebrates, and their habitats. Our research focuses on challenging scientific topics that are directly applicable to fisheries management.

Graduate Research in Fisheries Science

Graduate students in REM can obtain Master's or Ph.D. degrees that focus on applied fisheries science and management. In the REM graduate program, a unique interdisciplinary structure enables students to develop additional expertise in related areas such as resource economics, simulation modelling and statistics, risk assessment and decision analysis, benefit-cost analysis, environmental contaminants, conflict resolution, and environmental law. An optional Cooperative Education program allows REM students to gain work experience in a management agency or private firm before they graduate.

From left:  Andy Cooper, Sean Cox, Randall Peterman
The Fisheries Science and Management Research Group is led by two faculty members Dr. Andy Cooper and Dr. Sean Cox. Dr. Randall M. Peterman is a professor emeritus. The strength of this group is built on the close-knit collaboration among faculty, graduate students, full-time research assistants, and post-doctoral fellows. We meet weekly to review recent publications, discuss research issues, and provide constructive feedback on each others' research-in-progress. Check out the wide range of research being conducted by the current fisheries graduate students, research associates, and post-doctoral fellows.

Collaboration in Research and Management

Our focus on applied fisheries research necessitates an interdisciplinary research program that relies on active collaboration with scientists, researchers, and managers from different fields. Several scientists from the Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans are located full time at SFU's Cooperative Resource Management Institute on the Burnaby campus. In addition, other faculty members in REM conduct research on fisheries-related topics, such as co-management, bioeconomic models of multispecies systems, design of monitoring programs, environmental toxicology, and decision-support systems for analyzing trade-offs in complex fisheries decisions. We also collaborate with scientists in a wide range of government and non-government agencies, including the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, B.C. provincial government agencies, U.S. federal and state agencies, environmental consultants, and the fishing industry.

Research Vessel and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Custom-built 32-ft (9-m) Research Vessel
The School of Resource and Environmental Management has a custom-built 32-foot (9-m) research vessel and remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that are both equipped with the most modern marine electronic technology and scientific equipment available. This system is designed to provide a highly versatile platform for conducting marine research from shallow waters down to 2000 feet. Advanced acoustics systems for seabed habitat mapping and fish tracking enable researchers to assess the effects of factors ranging from habitat to fishing on aquatic species. Access the picture gallery of the research vessel and ROV in action (photos in picture gallery: Randall M. Peterman) or download a video of the vessel and ROV engaged in research operations (WMV format, 16mb).

Fisheries Computer Lab

SFU has established a computer Laboratory for Fisheries Risk Assessment and Management to conduct research in leading-edge quantitative methods in fisheries science and management. This large facility, consisting of high-end computers, provides an environment for efficiently developing and testing advanced quantitative models of complex fisheries management problems. The lab also hosts "hands-on" workshops to provide policy makers with tools for making more informed decisions.

Fisheries Pamphlet

Download our fisheries pamphlet (PDF) to learn 10 good reasons for doing fisheries research at SFU.

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